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Oak Porch Imperial Framing

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Oak Porch Imperial Framing




Use an oak framed porch to add character, value and practicality to your house. The style, size and budget can be chosen to fit your needs. Choose a simple open design to economically give shelter at your door. Full length glazing can be used within the oak frame to give your porch a light and contemporary look. A half height brick or stone plinth gives a more solid and traditional feel. Choosing to enclose your porch with a door provides useful indoor space within which bench seating and storage for footwear and coats can be incorporated. With careful choice of design and materials your porch can be made to match and blend in with your house. Reclaimed materials such as tiles, bricks and stone are often used in this situation.

The implicit strength of our oak frames mean that our porches can also be built free-standing to make beautiful gateways particularly suited to traditional country houses.



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