Pool Buildings


An indoor swimming pool is a long term investment. In terms of fitness, relaxation and enjoyment it will add incalculable value to the lives of you and family but will also add to the value of your home. Whilst the pool itself is important so is the room in which it sits. We feel that an oak framed pool building is a perfect solution, not only will it provide a light and airy space to bathe in but will also look fantastic from the outside. As the green oak ages to silver-grey and the frame hardens your pool building will only get better with age. From a practical point of view oak performs well under the wide ranges of temperature and humidity found in pool building.

The flexibility of oak framed design allows us to incorporate any number of swimming pool accessories, from essentials such as changing rooms and subtly integrated and filter equipment to more luxurious options like steam rooms, gyms and hot tubs. For year round use insulation is needed to keep the building warm in winter while retractable glazed doors help to give access to the barbeque and blur the boundaries between inside and out in the summer.

Unless specified, all images are artistic impressions of what is possible. They are not based on constructions by Imperial Framing Ltd.



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